Nudow - (noo·doh) v. The process of deploying your code using best practices in seconds.

Nudow allows you to take the code you just written and deploy it to your server in minutes. All you have to do is tell us where your code is and what servers you want to deploy to. We will use best practices and intelligent guesses to figure out the rest. Anytime you change some code, we will build it, encrypt and store all the artifacts, then deploy to your servers. Did your latest code change break something in staging or production? Easy! With one click you can roll back to any previous version in seconds. Try the setup now and see how long until you are up and running.

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We know how sensitive your code, servers, and configurations are. For this reason, everything is encrypted. We use AES256 using a long random password associated to only your account. This password is itself then encrypted.

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Your smart, you can setup build scripts by yourself. But why waste your time and money when we can do it for you?

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The reason we can get you up and running in minutes is that we will use industry best practices and inteligent guesses to configure most things ourselves. All you have to do is make sure you are happy with your personalized configuration.

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